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Andrew Dobney

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It’s Madness!

Love this time of year! Snow is melting, the air is fresh, I can drive home with my windows cracked and…BASKETBALL! It really is one of my favorite holidays (I made it one…).

The annual filling out of the brackets is a joy for me each year.  The tournament itself is some of the best entertainment on television. Cinderella teams going the distance, close games around every corner, hard fought battles in every contest…does it get any better?!?

I’ve filled out two brackets this year…one on ESPN and the other on CBS. They are a little different from each other (although not much…). I filled out the ESPN with my head, and the CBS one with my heart (although not my whole heart…if that were the case, you’d be seeing Green & White as the champions!). I’ve posted them below for your viewing pleasure (click on the images to see a larger version of the brackets).

I hope that you find the next several weekends as enjoyable as I do. Have fun celebrating march madness!